Reach your fans during a time when they can't come to you

Why streaming?

You’ve got a band, you’ve got an audience, but you don’t have any concerts. Why? Because COVID-19 is keeping everyone indoors. Cancelled concerts and closed venues have us all asking “How can I connect with my fans?” and “How can I monetize my music?”. Live Streaming can replace your Live Concerts by allowing you to connect with your fanbase on an even more intimate level than at your concerts with live discussions and fan interactions. It can also help you monetize your music by allowing fans to donate, and even selling tickets.


Why us?

Tiny Room is a fully loaded audio/video production studio that specializes in live streaming for artists. Our 4-camera video and 16-channel audio combined with the best microphones, interfaces, and instruments gives us the tools to produce an impeccable sounding, beautiful live streamed concert direct from our studio for you and your band.

How much?

Ours studio has a base rate of only $39/hour (3-hour min), allowing you to do a full live-streamed concert for less than $120. You do the math; you don’t have to sell very many tickets or get very many fan donations to make a profitable live streamed concert.


But I don't know what I'm doing!!!

It's ok, we do. Our studio was built for live streaming, and we'll be there every step of the way to make sure your concert is a big success. You'll have a dedicated audio engineer and a dedicated video switcher to give your fans the best audio/visual experience. We'll walk you through the setup process to make sure you can monetize your audience in the most effective way possible, and you'll walk away with a video of your concert that you can use for future social media content.


Trust me, we're more concerned than you are. To minimize risk, we thoroughly disinfect every surface that anyone could possibly touch in each of our studios after every single use. From the pop filter to the piano keys to the computer trackpad, we’re more OCD than your jewish-chinese-italian-doctor-banker uncle. Your safety is our #1 priority, and we are taking every precaution to make sure you are safe from the pandemic while on our premises.


"100% of the fan interaction with 100% less coronavirus!"

(...too soon?)

...Anyway, call now with questions ((323) 609-4371‬), or click the dropdown menu below to select the amount of time you'd like for your session. Accounting for setup, teardown, and prepping you for your live stream, the minimum amount of time is 3 hours. However, we recommend up to an 8 hour block, depending on how big of a band you have and how long you want your concert to last, so you may want to call to discuss before booking.

Ready to reserve some time?


Questions? Call (323) 609-4371