Tiny Room has partnered with The Dock to create The Dock's DELUXE STUDIO. We will be giving away one 24-hour lockout every month to a member of the community (and their musical ensemble), to record their next big project. Our hope is to find and enable a talented member of the Los Angeles music community to do something special that they would not have the resources to do on their own. If you're interested in being this person, please enter your name, email, and instagram handle below. If you have a demo of the project you'd like to record, please send the file to as well.

Each month, we will send the winner's recording to everyone who applied, and announce when the following month's giveaway is open for applications. You can apply as many months in a row as you would like.

If you need studio space immediately, you can take advantage of the DELUXE STUDIO's $39/hour rate on The Dock's website.

Apply Now

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